Tanzania government is finalizing the preparation of the two universal communication service access tenders that will see millions of Tanzanians connected with basic voice telecommunication service.

According to the Universal Communication Access Fund (UCSAF) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Engineer Peter Ulanga, under phase 1A tender, the total of over 1,300,000 people, in   168 wards and 936 villages are going to benefit, while phase 1B Tender will benefited 760,000 people in 77 wards and 489 villages.

“The two tenders will be announced by early June 2013 with expectation of rolling out project by September 2013,” he said.

However the fund is also in the plan of putting together phase 2 Tender document targeting 150 wards covering 700 villages with population of about 800,000 people. This tender is expected to be ready for announcement by August 2013. 

In celebrating this year’s World Telecommunication and information society Day UCSAF would like to re-iterate its commitment towards bridging the communication gap to the rural and urban underserved Tanzania in order to foster social, educational and economic development.

In a move to expand its footprints to other parts of the country, the established the Universal Communication Service Access Fund (UCSAF) with a view to promote universal access to information and communication technology service in Tanzania.

The fund is responsible for enabling accessibility and participation by communication operators in the provision of communication service, with view of promoting social-economic development of the rural and urban underserved areas and to provide for availability of communication services by establishing a legal framework for universal service provider to meet the communication needs of consumers.

In pursuit of its objectives, early of March this year the fund signed contracts with 4 major telecommunication operators to extend basic voice telecommunication service to 52 wards covering 316 villages without communication.

“With population of over 700,000 people, the contracts demand that communication service should reach the designated wards in the rural Tanzania within six months from the contract date” Eng. Ulanga said.