Tanzania Revenue Authority has embarked in a national wide campaign that will see it increase the taxpayers’ base to one million this year

TRA Director for Taxpayer Services and Education Richard Kayombo said the taxpayers’ registration campaign is aiming at influence more people to contribute to the national income by paying tax through their daily activities.

“At least 475 ‘large ‘taxpayers’ had since registered in ‘the book of taxpayers.’ In the financial year 2016/2017 the aim was to collect Tshs 44billion in property tax and another Tshs 25billion from betting sports. When the report is ready we will announce the proceeds through the media,” Mr Kayombo said.

Speaking at the same occasion, TRA Commissioner for Domestic Revenue, Mr Elijah Mwandumbya said the campaign would operate across the entire country. Small-time taxpayers would have to pay their dues within 90 days from the date of registration of their businesses, a departure from the previous system of paying tax before starting to trade.

“Registration will take place at TRA offices and at specially designated centres to be announced by the Authority, stress-ing no agents or representatives would be appointed to engage in the campaign,” he said.

Registration requires proof of ownership of trading activities, an identification letter from the chairperson of a local government authority, driving licence, passport, national identity card or voting identity card. He advised all applicants to consult with TRA offices or the centres designated by the Authority for all necessary processes leading to final registration.

Mwandumbya has further urged businesspeople to register themselves in the book of taxpayers so as to effectively contribute to the national economy.