The two-year-old telecommunications firm, Halotel has launched Vicoba Pack to easy communication among group members.

Through Vicoba Pack, members of these groups will from now on be able to communicate with each other with no cost (Halotel-Halotel), but will incur a small monthly cost across networks.

“Halotel is committed to make communication as affordable as possible to everyone. Tanzania is a rich country I terms of resources and there are organized groups that perform various activities. This is a great product that they can jointly enroll to ease their communication. We call upon various groups to join this new product we have launched today in order to enjoy lower communications rates,”Halotel Tanzania Head of Communication Department, Mhina Semwenda said.

Semwenda went on to explain that in order to join Vicoba Pack, the groups are advised to visit Halotel Tanzania offices and obtain a new line that will be registered under the Groups' name. In the event one wants to call across networks, they will either be charged Tshs2500 or Tshs4999 per month.

For his part, the Team Leader for Urban Poor Federation Organisation, Mr. Joshua Mtali, noted that this is a big boost to the communication industry of Tanzania since these groups have never before been given a priority. He noted that millions of Tanzanians are now set to enjoy communication services regardless of their income or economic background.

Representatives from various groups also lauded Halotel Tanzania for introducing this package, and urged as many groups as possible to enroll and enjoy the product.