Halotel Tanzania has explained the involvement in some of the charges attributed to the company along with the former Managing Director, as they explained that they have  been only accused in to two charges of the indictment that is, failed to verify information provided by the UNEX company Ltd for the purpose of registration of 1000 SIM cards sold to the company and the second charge that was occasioning loss to a specified Authority because Halotel’s SIM Cards were used by a fictitious company (UNEX) to illegally terminate international traffic through a unlicensed gateway; resulting into a pecuniary loss of Tshs. 459 to Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority and the government of Tanzania.

The company has also explained the involvement in other crimes that have been associated with the company as listed in the Charge sheet. The company insisted that they have no employment relationship whatsoever with UNEX or the Pakistanis in this matter, rather they were clients of the company as any other client and UNEX unlawfully submitted false information to aid the registration of the SIM cards.

In the Charge sheet signed by Government Prosecutor on 16 May, 2017, has mentioned VIETTEL (Halotel) to have been involved in to two charges in count six (6) and seven (7) which do not join and/or relate the company and other defendants who are not employees of the company. UNEX do not have any relationship with the company rather than client relationship that enabled selling 1000 SIM cards by providing them with illegal documents aiding the registration of SIM cards thereto.

"We are a duly registered company that operates with valid permits provided by the authorities of this country and we have been transparent in following procedures and rules of the country. The electronic communications equipment’s installed for the purpose of transmitting communication signals without approval of TCRA is not the company’s plants and we had no knowledge as to whether UNEX used such equipment to conduct such operations. The company do not have any connection with UNEX who have been associated with Halotel, and they are not Halotel staff as they have been reported by some media, and the equipment’s said belongs to Halotel, they are not ours" said Halotel’s Managing Director Le Van Dai.

The company has stated that it will continue to cooperate with the government in improving and ensuring quality services of communications for Tanzanians to continue expanding its services because until now they have able to reach more than 95 percent of all Tanzanians populations and they are continuing to provide the best service with the affordable price.

Mr. Dai said that the company has made an enormous investment in the country so it cannot get involved with any other actions that can be cause loss or violation of rules and regulations imposed by the relevant authorities. 

“We have succeeded to establish the Optical Cable termination to 81 District Hospitals, 123 Districts Council, 131 District Police, 68 Post Office, 26 Tribunal Courts and provide internet connection to 417 Schools.

Our existence is the result of good relationship between the two governments of the United Republic of Tanzania and Vietnam. Hence we believe through this partnership and we expect to benefit more from it as well as Tanzanians who are the end beneficiaries of quality services from our investment,” concluded Mr. Dai.