The aviation sector is tipped to grow by over ten per cent in the coming years, thanks to good policy laid on the ground.

The aviation sector over the years has been growing by an average of 10 per cent but industry experts see a bright future and potential ahead.

National Aviation Services (NAS) Group CEO, Hassan El- Houry said the country’s geographical size and position plus policies warranting the sector growth. “The government has put in place a very good eco-system for aviation sector growth.

“Thus, the aviation sector will continue to contribute to the economy positively,” Mr El-Houry told the “Daily News” in an interview yesterday. He said Tanzania “is a rising star in aviation sector in Africa.” The CEO was in the country for business trip.

NAS handles several airlines include two major ones Air Tanzania and FlyDubai in almost all key airports in the country— at Julius Nyerere International Airport, Kilimanjaro International Airport, Mwanza and Mbeya Airports.

He said the country unlike many in Africa has a huge potential for attracting aviation business due to its geographic landscape that hosts at the moment 16 airports and regional position.

“President John Magufuli’s government is doing everything possible to open aviation sector… the government is reviving ATC— this is health for aviation industry,” the CEO said.

The size of the country warrants Dar es Salaam to be the aviation hub that will feed the rest of current 16 airports under Tanzania Airport Authority (TAA) umbrella.

“Many countries in Africa (include Tanzania) have changed their perception that flying is luxury… with this mindset change many will travel and increase revenues to the companies and nations as well,” Mr El-Houry said.

NAS, which handles ATC, started operation in the country last January and is very positive that the sector’s laid down policies will propel aviation to next level.

In his book, Fly Africa the coauthor with Eric Kacou of Cote d'Ivoire, Mr El-Houry said Africa’s aviation industry lags behind much of the world despite of making 12 per cent of global population but less than 2.0 per cent fly.

The book showed that aviation could become one of Africa’s greatest strengths, underpinning its economic growth and connecting it with the rest of the world.

NAS is global multi-cultural company. In Africa it operates in 25 countries of which three are in East Africa namely Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.