Government of Tanzania intends to use Tshs 23.6 billion during the first phase of rural communication project. The project aims to see 168 wards with 936 villages in the area of ??80,595 square kilometres with a total population of 1,322,753 being connected.

According to Peter Ulanga, the Chief Executive at Universal Communications Access Fund, it is projected that by October 2013 the tendering procedures will be completed for work to begin.

Mr. Ulanga said that about 80,595 km is expected to be covered, whereby it stand to save 28 percent of an area which is not covered by the service and that it will benefit around 21 percent of Tanzanians who doesn’t have access to communication.

He added that the second phase of the project will be implemented in rural communication using local currency which will cost Tshs 10 billion. “The fund is also in the final stages of preparing a tender for a project I (B) that aims to send communications in the count of 77 wards with 489 villages by using local currency,” he said.

However Mr. Ulanga said that the project is expected to begin its work in November 2013 and when completed will have a length of 89,015 km, which is equivalent to 31 percent of areas without communication in Tanzania.