Led by its Managing Partner Chana Musakanya, Ogilvy Tanzania met a couple of stakeholders in Tanzania for a breakfast meeting on the Evolving journey of communications in a world full of disruptive technology that now dedicates how companies shape their messaging to cater for an audience that is always online via smartphones, communicate via WhatsApp, read breaking news daily on Instagram , Facebook or Twitter.

According to Chana who oversees Ogilvy & Mather operations in both Tanzania and Zambia, businesses need to shift focus from story telling to story spreading in a bid to engage more with their stakeholders and audiences.

Here are some of the key take outs by Ogilvy as they delved deep in the world of communications and answered questions as follows :

Question: Social media & Digital are trailblazing in terms of providing content, and some say traditional media have been replaced, what advice would you give corporate in order to position themselves to handle the changes.

I do not think that traditional media will be replaced. We are witnessing more traditional media adapting to change and providing content for digital platforms. On our part we are giving Ogilvy clients solutions that work on all channels and platforms. In this way, we ensure that clients’ brands remain relevant to consumers.

Question: What is the PR/ digital / market in Tanzania & How is Ogilvy uniquely positioned to handle it?

We are witnessing a rapid evolution in the communication landscape, locally, regionally and globally. In all these areas there are fast changing dynamics mainly brought about by digital and social media influence. Because of it’s access to resources and a strong local team, Ogilvy is uniquely positioned to guide clients in this new age of communications.

Question: In terms of market share, where do you see yourself currently and where do you see Ogilvy’s Outlook in Tanzania as compared to the rest of Africa?

Tanzania is at exciting crossroads compared to the rest of Africa. We have witnessed the entry of numerous investors attesting to this fact. We as Ogilvy intend to engage more with our clients to grow our offering to them and become a significant player in this industry.

Question: Describe Ogilvy Tanzania in a nutshell?

Ogilvy has been in Tanzania for the last 7 years as communication partners with various brands in the country with a diversified offering of advertising, social and digital marketing and Public Relations. We have a team of 15 staff members, experts across all the communication disciplines. Ogilvy Tanzania taps across the wider Ogilvy Africa network to provide solutions for our clients in this market. We give our clients the value of a local agency with global experience and access to a global network.

And last but not least, has Ogilvy won any awards recently and if Yes, kindly name them?

We are very proud of the 3 CANNES Lions and 3 CLIO awards that we have won this year as Ogilvy Africa recently for a campaign called The Last Bachelor. These wins have affirmed our belief that we do understand the changing communication trends in the region and globally.

Question: What advice would you give to corporates operating in Tanzania in terms of the dynamic business environment?

While it is important to keep in touch with changing global communication trends, corporates must also understand the local consumers in Tanzania and develop communication that is relevant to them.